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Datamining a Flat in Munich

When you’re in your mid-twenties, just got employed and don’t have enough cash, finding an affordable flat in Munich is very difficult. Munich ranks 13th in the 20 Most expensive cities on the planet

Honestly, I didn’t need this article to figure that out but anyways, basically, there is too much demand, and very few reasonnable offers. Reasonnable means that the rent doesn’t exceed 800€ for a 15m² flat.

It took me more than one year to find a flat, here is my story about how I datamined the flat search in Munich, and how I conducted some psychological experiments at the same time.

I started my search 4 months before I had to go to Munich. There are three options to find a flat here.
A couple of websites (including facebook groups) to apply for accomodations, appartment rental agencies and some shady forums on which you can seldomly find some adverts.
Appartment rental agencies cost...

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